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The European C-ITS Platform has made important progress towards a common C-ITS deployment strategy, and now it’s time to speed-up the cooperation between cities, road operators, businesses and professional users who need to  work actively together if massive C-ITS deployment is to start in 2019.

Three leading European C-ITS initiatives supported by the European Commission (urban C-ITS pilots in “C-The Difference” and “C-MobILE” projects, together with the C-Roads Platform for national and regional deployment), are coming together to invite policy- and decision-makers and professional users to meet at the Urban C-ITS Roundtable on 6th June 2018 in Bordeaux to strengthen commitment and to gain momentum toward large scale deployment in Europe.

The event has three main objectives: To –

1.       Ease the integration of urban nodes into pan-European C-ITS corridors, and promote expansion to all cities and regions;

2.       Share lessons learnt by frontrunner cities and road operators, and transfer knowledge of C-ITS’ contribution to policy goals and to improved performance of road transport and urban mobility;

3.       Foster the scaling up and widespread replication of successful C-ITS service implementations in European cities, and create a framework for demand and supply cooperation towards effective deployment and sustainable operation of C-ITS services.

Programme overview (09:00 – 16:30):

  • Keynote statements from European Parliament, European Commission (DG MOVE), C-ROADS Platform and Bordeaux Metropole
  • Cities testify how C-ITS helps local authorities achieve sustainable mobility for all
  • Live on line: demonstrations in Bordeaux traffic
  • C-ITS, a game changer for professional users? Views from traffic managers, transport planners, public transport operators and road freight hauliers
  • Interactive update session on urban C-ITS basics (service implementation, public procurement, digital infrastructure and living labs)

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