C-MobILE (Accelerating C-ITS Mobility Innovation and deployment in Europe) is deploying cooperative intelligent transport systems and services designed to deal with specific mobility challenges across Europe. The project helps local authorities deploy the C-ITS services they need and raises awareness of the potential benefits for all road users. Eight C-ITS equipped cities and regions are involved in C-MobILE, ensuring that interoperability and seamless service availability are prioritised and at an acceptable cost for end-user.

The C-MobILE demonstration at the 25th ITS World Congress will showcase interoperability between services deployed in the eight participating European cities and regions. The innovative architecture of C-MobILE will allow end users to receive data seamlessly via short-range radio (ITS-G5) and cellular (3G/4G) communication in a standardized way. The city of Copenhagen and its service providers will deploy the C-MobILE hybrid architecture, bundling a coherent set of C-ITS services within an integrated suite of applications. To demonstrate interoperability, service providers from other cities will come to Copenhagen and use vehicles equipped with radio and cellular connectivity to demonstrate that their apps work natively in another city. Interoperability will be proven both on radio and cellular connectivity and for services like GLOSA for vehicles and for bicycles, Road Works Warning, Road Hazard Warning and Green Light Priority.

A look at the user interface: GLOSA and Road Works Warning

The demonstration consists of a 20-minute tour on the streets of Copenhagen in three vehicles provided by C-MobILE partners NeoGLS and Dynniq, and by the ATeam Eindhoven. During this time, guests will be treated to real time overview of activities and events occurring on the road network through various innovative C-ITS use cases


[click on the map of the demo to enlarge]

Demonstration highlights:


  • The intuitive Android application will warn the driver that there is a pedestrian on the road ahead;
  • At every intersection, the GLOSA (Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory) use case will provide the driver with the optimal speed to adopt in order to catch the next green light without stopping;
  • The app will warn of upcoming road works a few hundred metres ahead;
  • Halfway through the journey, the app, through an embedded VMS, will notify the driver that the road is closed and that they have to turn around safely;
  • Later on, the app will provide a ghost driver warning, informing the driver that someone in front is driving on the wrong side of the road;
  • Further along, the app will warn of a traffic accident a few hundred metres ahead;
  • All throughout the demo the app will also provide the driver with a range of in-vehicle messages.

The C-MobILE demonstration will depart from the dedicated C-MobILE demo space, which is located directly outside the main entrance on the parking lot. For more details on how to access the demonstration space, please visit https://itsworldcongress.com/exhibition/floorplan/for the full floor plan.

Demonstrations will run throughout the week starting Monday September 17th in the afternoon. Slots for the free demo can be booked at the central booking desk for demonstrations and technical visits at the Congress, or through the Congress app.