The C-MobILE Project sets up local training for fleet operators and drivers (truck, bus, coach, taxi, car, powered two-wheeler) to raise awareness and increase knowledge on the use of new Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) services. Free training programmes will be held in eight participating European cities and regions from April through June.

The training will highlight additional benefits of C-ITS adoption in terms of efficiency, safety, and convenience, and will build up the necessary skills to embrace these new technologies to their full potential.

While the primary audience is professional drivers, the content is also aimed at other road users as well as other professionals, such as traffic managers or fleet operators.

Delivered in the national language of each site (Danish, Dutch, English, French, Greek and Spanish), each training programme includes three modules: theoretical, C-ITS services, and practical, followed by a knowledge test. Optional training on smart tachograph technologies can be also offered upon request.

Each training session will cover half a day or a full day depending on the city. A theoretical module will provide basic understanding of ITS and C-ITS services and expected benefits of upgrading to C-ITS for a safer, more efficient and more comfortable driving experience.

A second module will address C-ITS services offered in the city or region and their functionalities. To complete the learning experience of the various features on mobile apps as well as on-board devices, a practical module will then showcase C-ITS services and their functionalities in a controlled environment or in real-traffic conditions.

A knowledge test and feedback survey will be carried out at the end of the training course in order to measure how well the trainees retained new knowledge on ITS and C-ITS, and their opinion of the services deployed locally.

An optional training available upon request can be provided by the IRU and Continental, addressing the Smart Tachograph, which is due to become mandatory from 15 June 2019 in newly registered commercial passenger transport vehicles weighing more than 3.5t and carrying more than 9 passengers for more than 50km. This technology presents various opportunities and challenges for the industry, which will be discussed during a dedicated module.

The first scheduled local training session will take place in Copenhagen, Denmark on 15 April.

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