The C-MobILe project aims to increase the awareness of in ITS and C-ITS technologies across the public, and towards this purpose has organized 8 training sessions across all project deployment sites. After successul interactive training sessions in Barcelona and Thessaloniki,  yesterday June 10th was the turn of Bilbao deployment site.

This specialized training session for fleet operators was organized by Ceit-IK4 (Centro de Estudios e Investigaciones Técnicas), MLC-ITS Euskadi (Mobility and Logistics Cluster), CTVi (Centro Intermodal de Transporte y Logistica de Vitoria-Gasteiz) and the IRU. Participating professionals rated this training as highly interesting.

The attendees enjoyed a first introductory session to ITS and C-ITS technologies led by Oleh Shchuryk (IRU), before participating in a series of entertaining quizzes where members of the audience are invited to validate their knowledge while competing for the title of best learner of the event.

In addition, participants also sat for a master class on the new Smart Tachograph with Joseba Elorrieta (Continental), where they learned how C-ITS technologies play a role in the workings of this well-known device that is already integrated into their fleets.

The last part of the session was dedicated to a C-ITS service implemented by Ceit in the CTVi parking lot: the operational Motorway Parking Availability (MPA) service not only provides a user-friendly tool for management of the parking and improves the registration of the incoming trucks, but also gives information on parking bay availability and additional services offered by the parking area.

After a first explanation, participants had the opportunity to hear the first-hand experience of the parking manager garnered during the testing period of this service, starting in March of this year.

This day of training and learning concluded with a visit of the the CTVi installations and a live demonstration of the Motorway Parking Availability system running in real-time.

All the organizers, as well as the participants, evaluated the session very positively. “This was a very specific session, so the audience was reduced but highly interested on the content, they are our targeted users for the MPA service” says Olatz Iparraguire Gil from Ceit-IK4. “It was the kick-off of the future training sessions that will present the rest of the services we are working on withing C-Mobile project in Bilbao.“

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