The latest workshop of the C-ITS City Pool was held in Barcelona, Spain on 21 November as part of the Smart City Expo World Congress. This deployment training and workshop event offered public authorities an opportunity for an interactive exchange of know-how on C-ITS service and a  framework their large scale deployment.

[Picture: Jordi Ortuño Ribé, Mobility & Urban Innovation Manager at the Barcelona City Council, introduces C-MobILE at the IDIADA stand on the exhibition floor of the SCEWC]

A short interactive training session familiarised participants with ITS and C-ITS solutions and the benefits of C-ITS services deployment for mobility, the training segment of the event opened with an outline of the C-MobILE project, and followed with C-ITS capacity-building, deployment guidelines, and information about best practices.

‘The goal of C-MobILE is to implement C-ITS concepts in real life,’ explains Areti Kotsi (CERTH-HIT), who delivered the training session, ‘with interoperable and seamless C-ITS services available to end users.’

To this end, users – drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and public transport users – need to be informed about the tools that are available in their city or region, while public authorities need to build up the required skills among Traffic Management and Control centres, maintenance crews, and technical staff. The full array of required knowledge includes impact assessments, business models, deployment planning, as well as maintenance and data privacy.

The training part was offered by Jacint Castells (Applus+ IDIADA) featuring a presentation of the C-ITS services already available to users in Barcelona. Watch the video presentation here:

The C-ITS Framework, presented by Giacomo Somma (ERTICO – ITS Europe), is to be a major resource for public authorities on the path towards C-ITS deployment. ‘The C-ITS Framework acts as an environment to realize and make available sustainable mobility solutions ’ says Giacomo. ‘A collection of best practices, as well as operational & business models, provides supports to policy-makers and decision-makers, road authorities, and transport operators. In addition, a Technical Framework for Deployment addresses deployment issues encountered by technicians, developers, or system architects.’

Above: an introduction to the C-ITS Framework, presented by Giacomo Somma (ERTICO – ITS Europe) during the C-ITS City Pool Workshop

Since 2015 the C-ITS City Pool is the central meeting point for public authorities involved in the deployment of C-ITS services at local, regional or national level, allowing participants to share their knowledge and experience with each other and supporting the uptake and market rollout of C-ITS services. With widespread implementation as the main goal, the C-ITS City Pool serves as a one-stop-shop for cities and road authorities to receive training, acquire knowledge, make connections and identify requirements, hurdles and best practices for on-road deployment. Participation is open to public authorities, road operators, traffic managers and all interested parties.