The city of Thessaloniki will be under the spotlight in the upcoming months as host of two events related to the European project C-MobILE. Project Partner and Innovation Manager CERTH will be presenting C-MobILE’s new mobile app in May during Aristotle University’s student week and providing the second phase of C-MobILE’s training on 6 April.

Every year the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki organises the “Student Week AUTH” event, ” offering students a variety of scientific, technical, cultural, and sports activities and initiatives. In this context CERTH will participate to promote its brand new app related to C-MobILE.

Don’t miss the chance to test the app, the event is free of charge! Visitors will be able to test C-MobILE’s technology directly on their smartphones and virtually navigate through simulated routes in the network of Thessaloniki. CERTH’s staff will guide participants on how to install and use the app and get familiar with the C-ITS technologies and their benefits for Thessaloniki. More information about the Thessaloniki C-MobILE Hub is available at this link.

Another important appointment will be the second C-MobILE training, taking place on 6 April. Following the first event held in May 2019, CERTH will invite representatives from the Central Macedonia Region (RCM)  for the second phase of the training on 6 April.

The training will be given by CERTH’s Evangelos Mitsakis and Areti Kotsi to RCM representative and will include modules on C-ITS services and their deployment.

RCM is a C-MobILE project partner and is the regional governmental authority that is responsible for traffic management, the purchase and the operation of all related equipment (field and back-end, e.g. controllers, VMSs, traffic management centres, etc.).

RCM will gain knowledge about C-ITS and receive technical information ion C-ITS services and Traffic Management, with specific focus on Thessaloniki’s mobility and traffic management challenges.

All is set for Thessaloniki! Curious to know more about these events? Please don’t hesitate to contact C-MobILE’s Innovation Manager Evangelos Mitsakis.