Barcelona, located in northeast of Spain, is a big city populated with over 1,5 million people. The city is the capital of the Catalonia region and comprises a road network consisting of multiple vertical, horizontal and diagonal arteries, connecting different parts of the city, and a road ring. It is well-known for the number of motorcycles running in the streets, but other challenges have also been identified, especially related to safety. Moreover, the connections between Barcelona and neighboring cities are very crowded with cars in a daily basis, which also raises a need to cover them to improve the inter-urban mobility.

The C-ITS services which have been implemented in Barcelona focus on safety and traffic efficiency, as drivers are provided with notifications aiming to improve attentiveness, inform about network conditions, and promote eco-friendly driving. The services Road Works Warning, Road Hazard Warning, Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA), Signal Violation Warning, Flexible Infrastructure, In-Vehicle Signage, Motorcycle Approaching Indicator, Warning System for VRUs, Emergency Vehicle Warning and Probe Vehicle Data are implemented in large-scale, covering the entire city area as well as the main arteries connecting with other cities. All services operations are currently supported by cellular communication technologies (LTE) enjoyable with any Android smartphone.

C-MobILE Barcelona mobile app

The app providing cellular communication-based C-ITS services to end-users is developed by Applus+ IDIADA and is one single free app giving access to all the C-ITS services implemented in the road network of Barcelona for drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists. The app is working in background minimizing the user interaction and allowing to use the preferred navigation apps (i.e.: Google Maps, Waze, etc.) while the C-ITS alerts are shown on top of everything only when necessary. Moreover, the app provides interoperability as users can experience common C-ITS services in other C-MobILE cities where these services are applicable. The app is available in Spanish and English.

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