Barcelona training

The training was organised by Applus+ IDIADA with the collaboration of the Ajuntament de Barcelona and RACC. The objectives were to present the C-MobILE project, to explain how to exploit C-ITS services and to show the services deployed in Barcelona. The content was particularly designed to target the specific needs of road operators, public authorities and fleet managers with the aim of raising knowledge, understanding, and creating necessary skills related to C-ITS. 

The 95 participants were provided with an overview of C-MobILE and an introduction to C-ITS, C-ITS Architecture and C-ITS Services, together with specific notions on ITS-G5 vs Cellular communication and an example of the EVW service deployed in ITS-G5 and cellular, with the different blocks involved in each case. The C-ITS architecture was presented in three layers, being Central Systems, Infrastructure and Users. Each layer contained relevant blocks/systems/devices especially picked based on the target audience.

All C-MobILE services mentioned during the training focussed on Barcelona’s C-ITS services, such as services dedicated to Vulnerable Road Users’ safety, Road safety, Priority services optimization, Traffic efficiency and Probe data analysis.