Bordeaux training

The training targeted employees and partners of the city of Bordeaux, including members from 10 French cities and C-MobILE member NeoGLS

The purpose of the training was to allow all employees of the city of Bordeaux to be up to date about C-ITS and its use cases to be able to discuss the technology with their clients.

Attendees were given an introduction to C-ITS and its ITS-G5 and 4G technologies, together with an explanation of Bordeaux’ C-ITS mobile application and related Android version for its use in parallel with Waze and Google Maps. An overview of C-ITS use cases was then provided, focusing on technologies such as GLOSA, RHW/RWW (Roadworks or Road-Hazard zone and warning), MTTA, IVS, UPA/MPA, Green Priority, Emergency vehicle approach and Red Light Violation Warning.
The training concluded with an interactive session featuring a questionnaire on Kahoot.