Copenhagen training

In January 2020, traffic managers and road operators of the City of Copenhagen met to attend a training on C-ITS in relation to the C-Mobile project and deployment.  Attendees were introduced to the concept and potentials of urban Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS), as well as to specific services such as Road Works Warning, Road Hazard Warning, with particular focus on GLOSA for cyclists, which will soon be launched for the road users in Copenhagen. 

The training was targeted to an audience composed of public authority Traffic Managers and Operators of the City of Copenhagen, who will in the future continue the systems and develop additional use cases and methods for the benefit of the road users – especially cyclists and public transport – on the road network of Copenhagen. The selected audience of 25 informed about the deployment and potential of C-ITS and to inspire them to think about their future use of the C-Mobile C-ITS services in relation to their current daily operations. In addition, participants were presented with various backgrounds and fields, such as communication and traffic information, traffic engineers, contract managers etc. In this way the training was all about securing quick adoption of the systems and services.