Thessaloniki training

The Training for Thessaloniki’s Public Authorities targeted representatives and employees from the Region of Central Macedonia (RCM), which is the authority responsible for the operation of the Traffic Management Center in Thessaloniki and a partner of C-MobILE. The purpose of the training was to raise awareness and share the knowledge on C-ITS technologies with local public authority representatives and to make attendees more familiar with the relation of C-ITS technologies/ services and traffic management, which can facilitate the smooth integration of such systems into traffic management processes and overall foster the deployment of C-ITS services.

Attendees were provided with a theoretical introduction of C-ITS technologies concepts and services (also implemented in Thessaloniki), traffic management introductory concepts, correlation of C-ITS technologies-services to traffic management, and processes on the integration of C-ITS services to daily traffic management. The training concluded with an interactive session, where attendees posed their questions and discussed the topics further.