Accelerating C-ITS Mobility Innovation and depLoyment in Europe

C-MobILE (Accelerating C-ITS Mobility Innovation and depLoyment in Europe) is deploying cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) and services designed to deal with specific mobility challenges across Europe. The project also aims to help local authorities deploy the C-ITS services they need and to raise awareness of the potential benefits for all road users.

A total of eight C-ITS equipped cities and regions are involved in the project, all of which have been research pilot sites for large-scale deployment of sustainable services in the past. This common approach ensures that interoperability and seamless service availability are prioritised and at an acceptable cost for end-users.

C-MobILE is engaging with public and private stakeholders, including end-users, to enhance C-ITS services and to establish functioning partnerships beyond the project. It is also carrying out cost-benefit analyses and developing business models, particularly from the end-user’s perspective, to make sure C-ITS services do their job correctly.

Download the C-MobILE Apps

C-MobILE has developed different Apps in all the deployment sites for the use of its services. To download the Apps, click on the respective deployment site.


The app provides access to all the C-ITS services implemented in the road network of Barcelona for drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists. Available in Spanish and English.
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This app delivers road works warning, road hazard warning and in vehicle signage via cellular (4G).
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Bilbao use four independent applications for different targeted users and scope.
Download the Blind Spot Detection App
Download the Motorway Parking Availability App
Download the Connected Mobility App


The app provides real-time information to drivers about travel times, traffic signs, roadworks, incidents, and traffic lights’ status in the road network of the city
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The app offers information about the traffic or road events in real time in the urban area of Bordeaux.
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The app provides infrastructure-to-vehicle safety, traffic efficiency and vehicle-to-vehicle safety.
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Improving road transport

Improving road transport, making it safer, more efficient and more sustainable


Demonstrating fully integrated C-ITS technologies in real-world conditions


Demonstrating the added-value and economic viability of C-ITS services for users

safety & security

Assessing and evaluating impacts on user acceptance, safety and security