The architecture from the projects CONVERGE, MOBiNET and DITCM will form the basis of the C-MobILE architecture, connecting back-end facilities (i.e. service providers) and mobile nodes in the pilot sites, such as vehicles and VRUs through the hybrid communication implementation.

C-MobILE clusters applications into four thematic application bundles identified according to their relevance to pilot sites, feasibility and potential for market uptake.

The service bundles will be developed and provided in the form of open, modular and extendable wrap applications, bringing together many C-ITS services into one common user environment, with rich user experience features.

The bundles will be able to operate either in one of two modes:

Automated mode

Uses C-ITS services automatically to provide context, location and user-preference based information and guidance to the end user.

User-selected mode

The end user can select specific services relevant to their needs.

For each application the required stakeholders, estimated implementation complexity, maturity level, user groups, and potential benefits (e.g. for traffic efficiency and safety) will be assessed and analysed in detail, so as to ensure that all needs and requirements will be captured and accounted for.

Based on this assessment, applications are combined into the following four bundles:


Bundle 1: Urban efficiency

E Rest time management

E Motorway parking availability

E Urban parking availability

Bundle 2: Infrastructure-to-vehicle safety

E Road work warning

E Road hazard warning

E Emergency vehicle warning

E Signal violation warning

E Warning system for pedestrians

Bundle 3: Traffic efficiency

E Green priority

E Green light optimal speed advice (GLOSA)

E Dynamic eco-driving

E Cooperative traffic lights for pedestrians

E Flexible infrastructure (priority lanes)

E In-vehicle signage (dynamic speed limit)

E Mode & trip time advice

E Probe vehicle data

Bundle 4: Vehicle-to-vehicle safety

E Emergency brake light

E Cooperative (adaptive) cruise control (Urban ACC)

E Slow or stationary vehicle warning

E Motorcycle approaching indication (including other road users)

E Blind spot detection & warning