C-MobILE will lead the acceleration of the large-scale deployment of C-ITS on a step-by-step basis and taking business and technical interests into account. The deployment strategy contains the following steps:

1. C-MobILE applications for specific use cases are selected

2. Business models of service delivery concepts are identified

3. End-user C-ITS applications are deployed in a bundling framework at multiple pilot sites

4. Deployment at the pilot sites is monitored, with results used to make an EU-wide C-ITS deployment acceleration strategy

5. Software development methodologies published and software quality systems applied for other C-ITS actors to use


The C-MobILE project uses state of the art communication, road-side architecture, and service delivery technologies to define an interoperable architecture. Within this architecture, a series of C-ITS applications are demonstrated and tested across Europe in eight pilot cities and regions and for specific use cases.

The results collected by these pilots are reviewed, with technical aspects and user/societal impacts in mind, allowing for the deployment process and the best practice for establishing sustainable services to be defined. The result, C-ITS deployment is achieved at the C-Mobile pilot sites, and deployment guidelines are developed so other cities and regions can successfully deploy C-ITS services.