The third professional C-ITS training session organised by C-MobILE was held on 10 June in Vitoria-Gasteiz near Vigo, Spain, showcasing the intelligent transport innovations being deployed in the city.

This training programme for professional drivers was organised by CTAG (Centro Tecnológico

de la Automoción de Galicia – Technical Automotive Centre of Galicia) on 20 June at its technology campus located just South of the city of Vigo, where C-MobILE is deploying C-ITS services.

The seventeen participants included taxi drivers, road operators, traffic managers and professional lorry drivers; a range of professionals who will be the first to experiment and benefit from C-ITS services in the area. The topics covered during the day included:

  • A smart tachograph session;
  • A test drive and demonstration on the CTAG test track, allowing participants to test in-vehicle cooperative services based on cellular communication;
  • Information sessions about the C-MobILE services deployed in Vigo.

The training was delivered in partnership with CAPITAL its-elearning

After a first introductory session to ITS and C-ITS technologies, the students for a day were treated to an in-depth description of the objectives pursued, and most importantly, the benefits to be expected from adopting C-ITS services for regular use in professional driving, whether in a taxi or a heavy goods vehicle.

Following this interactive segment in a classroom setting, participants were treated to a hands-on demonstration on the CTAG test track in a controlled environment. At the wheel of a fully electric vehicle, they could experiment directly a range of services deployed in Vigo, receiving warnings about roadworks or traffic jams ahead directly in the vehicle, and real-time information on traffic light status using the GLOSA service (Green light Optimal Speed Advisory) – all using the C-MobILE smartphone application.

The best learner award went to the top performer in the quiz

All the attendees, as well as the organisers, evaluated the session very positively.  “It was the first public demonstration of the user-facing application, developed specifically for the C-MobILE participants, and the first time that we demonstrated our services using the cellular communication”, says Pablo Mejuto from CTAG.

The C-MobILE partners continue with outreach and education efforts across the project’s Deployment Sites, with the next local training session due to take place in Bordeaux, France on 14 June. More info: