C-MobILE has launched the new website CO-UMP, managed by ERTICO, to help public authorities and mobility stakeholders (policy makers, transport planners, traffic managers, transport operators) making urban mobility more efficient, safer and greener thanks to digital solutions based on connected and cooperative technologies.

CO-UMP was built to create awareness and provide guide and support to transport authorities and operators for the EU-wide deployment of digital mobility solutions accessible to everyone everywhere.

CO-UMP explains what connected and cooperative technologies are and how they contribute to improve mobility for all. In this portal you can gather reference technical and non-technical information (library, data, tools) to see what it takes to implement, operate and maintain cooperative mobility services. You can understand which cooperative services are available and what are the operational approaches to deployment, including reference contacts. And you can reach out transport authorities and vendors to exchange information, experiences and deploy services tailored to the needs of your city.

You can become an actor (and ambassador) of new mobility solutions by joining CO-UMP and sharing your knowledge, information, solutions and experience.

For more information, visit the website.