Bordeaux is a city of 250.000 inhabitants, located in the south-west of France. Bordeaux is the center of an important urban area, which is the fifth bigger metropolis in France, with 800.000 inhabitants. This population density is leading to traffic congestion and other issues, which represent challenges that the C-MobILE application is aiming to reduce.

The CTD application deployed in Bordeaux focuses on increasing the traffic efficiency with services like Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA) or Flexible Infrastructure (FI). It also aims to reduce the traffic congestion by informing the users: In-Vehicle Signage (IVS), Mode and Trip Time advice (MTTA), Urban (and Motorway)-Parking Availability (UPA and MPA). Finally, it increases the road safety by alerting the user about possible dangers: Road Works Warning (RWW), Road Hazard Warning (RHW), Signal Violation Warning (SVW), Emergency Vehicle Warning (EVW). All those services are accessible through an all-in-one Android application, which is available for every car driver, and uses 4G communication.

Beyond the 4G services, Bordeaux DS is also working on ITS-G5 services that rely on V2V communication, like Motorcycle Approaching Intersection (MAI), Blind Spot Detection (BSD) and Warning System for Pedestrians (WSP), which aim to increase safety for vulnerable users in urban area.

C-MobILE Bordeaux mobile app

Thanks to this application, get the information about the traffic or road events around you in real time during your daily commute in the urban area of Bordeaux. It allows to improve the urban mobility while respecting traffic fluency, the security of users and environmental footprint.

The various use cases offered by the application:
– Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA)
– Road Hazard Warning
– Road Works Warning
– Park and Ride information
– Parking information
– Signal violation
– In-vehicle signage

Download this application and make a new step towards smart driving!

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