C-MobILE Copenhagen mobile app

 The app providing cellular communication-based C-ITS services to end-users is developed by City of Copenhague. The app gives you information on what speed you need to cycle or drive to reach the green at the next traffic light. It can also give warnings about road work ahead or risk of slippery roads.  The app is hands-free after starting the app and the speed information is given either visually if the device is mounted on the handlebar or dashboard, or as audio signals if you have the app in your pocket.

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Copenhagen – the capital of Denmark – is also the largest city in Denmark with a population of more than 1 million residents in the Greater Copenhagen Area. One key characteristic of the City of Copenhagen, which distinguishes it from many other cities, is the large share of cyclists compared to other modes of transport. More than 60% of residents in the City of Copenhagen commute by bike, while more than 40% of all commuting trips (including commuting by non-residents) are done by bike.

The main mobility challenges therefore also relate to the modal split, increase cycling, relieve congestion both for cars and on the bike lanes, increased efficiency of goods delivery and improved traffic and road information to all users regardless of mode.The City of Copenhagen has been engaged in various ITS and C-ITS projects, but for the first time the main contribution of Copenhagen into the C-Mobile project is an emphasis on creating C-ITS services for cyclists. In this way we strive to generate awareness on n international and market level of the potential of cycling as the mode of transport of the future already here.

Watch the video on YouTube about Copehagen’s Green Catch GLOSA for cyclists service

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