Thessaloniki, located in northern Greece, is the second largest city in Greece with over 1 million inhabitants in its metropolitan area (Region of Central Macedonia). The city consists of highly densely populated areas and a complex urban and interurban road network, while the total number of vehicles exceeds 777.544, including private cars, heavy vehicles and motorcycles. The C-ITS services which have been implemented in Thessaloniki focus on safety and traffic efficiency, as drivers are provided with notifications aiming to improve attentiveness, inform about network conditions, and promote eco-friendly driving. These include Road Works Warning, Road Hazard Warning, Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory (GLOSA), Flexible Infrastructure, In-Vehicle Signage, Mode and Trip Time Advice, Probe Vehicle Data, Emergency Vehicle Warning, Signal Violation Warning, Warning System for Pedestrian, Green Priority, and Cooperative Traffic Light for Pedestrian. All services operations are currently supported by cellular communication technologies (LTE) with future extensions targeting to integrate wireless short-range communications (ITS-G5). More information is available here.

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The C-MobILE Thessaloniki App provides C-ITS services to travellers in the city of Thessaloniki enabling connected driving and a safer, more efficient and environment-friendly driving experience. Through the app the traveller receives real-time information about incidents, traffic signs, traffic lights, and travel times in the road network of Thessaloniki. The app is designed by CERTH-HIT and is free to download.
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