The city of Vigo, placed on the northwest coast of Spain, is the biggest city of Galicia, with more than 300.000 inhabitants is the most populated municipality of the region. Through 110km2 the city leads the shipbuilding sector in Spain, has a very important automotive industry: an OEM factory and a net of suppliers (Tier 1 and 2). Moreover, it is connected by an International airport and a touristic seaport.
The high concentration of companies and institutions from many different economic sectors means more than 540,000 people live, work or study in Vigo every day. Vigo is well connected to the roads system, highways and motorways that link it to other Galician capitals and major cities in Spain and Portugal. Its orography composed by high traffic density, sharp curves, slopes, tunnels, roadworks, fog and rain weather conditions, gives rise to a complex network of peripheral roads that connect Vigo with the rest of the municipalities and parishes, as well as with the countryside.

Vigo has participated actively in the past in different projects and, nowadays, it continues to do so in other ones to improve urban mobility thanks to the development of connected and cooperative mobility technologies to provide solutions supported by intelligent services. The main lines of development are focused on enhancing road safety, improving traffic flow by reducing congestion in the most critical spots of the city, and reducing CO2 emissions by incorporating systems that enable smoother and more efficient driving, through warnings and recommendations related to current traffic conditions.


C-MobILE Vigo App

C-MobILE App Vigo is a C-ITS solution in large-scale in SISCOGA Extended corridor with urban and inter-urban environments by providing C-ITS services to several user’s groups. These services include infrastructure-to-vehicle safety (e.g., road work warning, road hazard warning, emergency vehicle warning, signal violation warning, warning system for pedestrian), traffic efficiency (e.g. green priority for emergency vehicles, green light optimal speed advice – GLOSA, in-vehicle signage, probe vehicle data) and vehicle-to-vehicle safety (e.g., emergency brake light, cooperative cruise control, slow or stationary vehicle warning and motorcycle approaching indication).

When you open the app, after a welcome message, the application will show your current position on a map and the speed limit. From the menu, it would be possible to customize some settings such type of user you are, sound or language.

While driving, the application will be able to display different warnings, recommendations or signal information. The application differentiates the events that are in the direction of the vehicle’s circulation by representing them on the right side and when you get closer to the event it will appear on the map. Events refer to congestion, slippery road or slow vehicle and all this information will permit you to anticipate the driving management and run efficiently.

If the warnings are related with emergencies, a sound will be presented. For example, in case you are failing to stop for a red light the app will beep to advert you.

The C-MobILE application also provides real-time information about the traffic light phase (red, orange or green) while the driver is moving towards and the time remaining for the phase change. By knowing in advance, time for the phase change, the driver will be able to avoid hard acceleration and braking, making driving more efficient.

Moreover, it would be possible to read variable-message signs in the app and to visualize important notifications.

Additional useful information will be provided by the C-Mobile app if an emergency vehicle is arriving next to your car and you could anticipate your reaction to the situation. Other interesting service is when a motorcycle is approaching, in this case, they could be located on the map and you can take into account their presence in the driving context. This kind of information will offer you a safer environment where driving will be less stressful and become a more positive experience.

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C-ITS installations

Km (inter-) urban roads

C-ITS-enabled intersections

Different C-ITS data sources

User extension

Before the pilot project ends, all the users will have access to download the application from the app store.


20 trucks

10 motorcycles

12 buses

5-10 emergency

30 cars

10 pedestrians

Stakeholder partnership



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